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About Us

"We're doing what we wanted to do 20 years ago."

Dorothy Pino, founder of The Meowzas, began writing music as a teenager in California. She played guitar and sang as a solo artist in coffee shops and open mics until now. 20 years later, she finally found the right band members to make her teenage dreams come true. Dorothy majored in music education at her college in California, and graduated in 2009. After over a decade of teaching music, Dorothy found she really missed getting her singer-songwriter vibes out into the world. Besides writing songs, she plays jazz flute and teaches private lessons on several instruments and sews.


You'll hear references to jazz flute, sewing, painting, California, and of course, cats, throughout the album. Rosé Colored Glasses was inspired by a trip to Nashville, and it became the theme for the album. A departure from Dorothy's typical lyrics, which would skew more emo than pop punk, Rosé Colored Glasses offers a bubbly and optimistic view of life's every day happenings. Our single was released on all streaming services on 1/20 for our Earthbound Beer release party!

Besides making awesome music and adoring cats, The Meowzas love each other! The Meowzas are excited to get in the studio to drop some singles on Spotify before the album is done. Until then, they will keep finding more venues to perform at around St. Louis and beyond!

Are you ready to jump to the hi-hat till your knees give out? The Meowzas are here for you!

Previous shows:

5/27 - Yaquis on Cherokee

6/1 - Venice Cafe

7/23 - STL-Style House on Cherokee

7/27 - South Broadway Athletic Club

9/22, 4/13, 5/1 - Heavy Anchor 

11/22 - San Loo

1/20 - Earthbound Brewery

2/13 - Platypus

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Meet The Band


Chris Lane - Electric Bass


Tim Roof - Drums

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