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Upcoming Shows in St. Louis, MO

Thank you for coming to birthday party on January 20! We still have merch, so send me a message if you want some before it is gone!

The Meowzas at Platypus
2/23/2024 - Doors at 7pm
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The Meowzas Play at City Sewing Room
3/11/2024 - 5:45pm Potluck
6:30-7:30pm Show!
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The Meowzas headline at Heavy Anchor
4/13/2024 - Doors at 7pm, show from 8-11pm
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Three words to describe the music:

Quirky. Authentic. Catchy.


Based in St. Louis, MO
Founded in 2023
Genre: #PopPunk #Alternative #indierock

Dorothy Pino – Songwriter, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Luisa Sims - Bass

Jessica "Meowza" – Keys

Tim Roof - Drums

Special Guests:

Cara Ristau - Vocals

Dan Ristau -- Lead Guitar



Founded in 2023, The Meowzas are a Pop Punk/Alternative/Indie Rock inspired band based in St. Louis, Missouri. They are currently working on an album of original music, entitled "Rosé Colored Glasses."


Dorothy Pino wrote the songs they are currently working on, but all of the members are singer-songwriters, open to learning from the collaborative process by incorporating their varying musical backgrounds.


Dorothy and Jessica met at the insistence of Dorothy's husband, when he discovered how many common interests they have. Yaquis brought Luisa and Dorothy together through their artist residencies. Cara and Dan met Dorothy at a photo shoot done by Matt Klose, and have been friends since! Tim Roof met Dorothy at Luvwoo during a jam session, and jumped right in as our new drummer!

Check out our online shop for the best band merch in town, designed by the talented group at @stl-stylehouse


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