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Upcoming Shows
St. Louis, MO

Pink Sugar

3-4-$5 Show at Venice Cafe

June 1, 2023 - 9pm - midnight

The Meowzas will be one of the acts on this once a month Thursday show, hosted by Suzie Cue at Venice Cafe. The BS Collective will also play a set. 3 bands for $5!

1903 Pestalozzi St. 

Patrick Tuller and Samaj McGhee at Das Bevo
June 2, 2023 - 7pm-10pm

Patrick and Samaj are performing at Das Bevo with a touring artist at Das Bevo. Come out and her their bluesy sets.

Luisa Sims EP Release Party at Native Sound
June 18, 2023 - 4:30pm and 7:30pm

Our beloved bassist, Luisa Sims, is releasing her solo EP album, full of beautiful originals. Support Luisa by attending her release party at Native Sound on Cherokee.

Three Words to describe the music

Quirky. Authentic. Catchy.

--Dorothy Pino, music and lyrics


Based in St. Louis, MO
Founded in 2023
Genre: #PopPunk #Alternative #indierock


Dorothy Pino – Songwriter, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Beqi Brinkhorst - Vocals

Patrick Tuller -- Lead Guitar

Luisa Sims - Bass, Vocals

Jessica "Meowza" – Keys

Samaj McGhee - Drums




Founded in 2023, The Meowzas are a Pop Punk/Alternative Rock inspired band based in St. Louis, Missouri. They are currently working on an album of original music, entitled "Rosé Colored Glasses."


Dorothy Pino wrote the songs they are currently working on, but all of the members are singer-songwriters, open to learning from the collaborative process by incorporating their varying musical backgrounds.


Dorothy and Jessica met at the insistence of Dorothy's husband, when he discovered how many common interests they have. Beqi, a phenomenal vocalist, is a local fashion designer, spending much of the day sewing with Dorothy at City Sewing Room. Patrick and Dorothy know each other from performing at a few open mics across St. Louis. Yaquis brought Luisa and Dorothy together through their artist residencies. Patrick introduced the band to Samaj, who he met at 1860s Open Mic.


Want to book them? Bookings will begin in May 2023.


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Dorothy Pino



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